Middle-of-the-Night-Light ID-510

This handy light is just the thing to light your path in the wee hours.... presenting the appropriately named "Middle-of-the-Night-Light".

Whether it's getting up for a late night snack or finding your way to the bathroom in the dark, the Middle-of-the-Night-Light is the perfect light. Simply place it on your nightstand and it will be at the ready when you need it. It attaches easily with either the peel and stick tape or the screw mounting system. Pull it from its holder or push the button and its gentle, soft light will show you the way without blinding you. Push the button again for a much brighter light if you needed.

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Product Features:
  • Includes holder
  • 2 levels of brightness for late night use
  • Can be attached to nightstand
  • Auto turn-on feature when removed from holder
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