Auto Emergency Light ID-508

Don't be left in the dark in an auto emergency. This ingenious light is mega-bright, has a red flasher function and includes a handy magnet at one end to adhere to your car.

The Auto Emergency Light is the perfect light to have in your car. Its handy mount can be attached to your console or glove box to be at the ready in an emergency. Let's say you need to change a tire on a dark night. Simply detach your Auto Emergency Light from its mount, push the button and its bright, white led's will illuminate the area. Press the button a second time and its red emergency LED's will begin to flash, signaling other's to your distress. The handy magnet on the end enables you to adhere the light to the car itself...Perfect for working "hands-free". You can also use the magnet to place the light on the roof of your car in its flashing mode to signal for help. Easily stored, mega-bright white light with red flasher capability and a handy magnet, the Auto Emergency Light should be in every auto.

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Product Features:
  • Mega-Bright white LED's
  • Red emergency flasher mode
  • Handy magnetic end
  • Easy Peel and stick mount for storage
  • 100,000 hour LED's
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