Multi-Light™ ID-506

This ultra-bright light installs easily in closets and under cabinets... no wires or installation needed! Best yet, you can detach it for handy "grab and go" use.

The Multi-Light is perfect for home, office, garage or even outdoor activities. There are no wires or complicated installation required. Simply peel and stick this ingenious light wherever you want. The Multi-Light is great for closets, under cabinets... anywhere a little extra light is needed. Here's the best part.... the Multi-Light detaches from its base so that you have a bright light at your fingertips whenever you need it. It's "grab and go" function makes it perfect for power outages and emergencies. Ultra-bright, long lasting and easily installed, the Multi-Light is a must have item for any household.

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Product Features:
  • Long lasting (100,000 hours) bright white LEDs
  • Battery operated
  • No wires or installation required
  • Easily detaches for "grab and go" use
  • Perfect for power outages
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