Motion Memo ID-502

The Motion Memo's sensor automatically plays your pre-recorded message when some enters the area...

Think of it as a 21st century digital bulletin board. The Motion memo is a motion detecting device that has a state-of-the-art digital recorder built right in. Simply record your message and when someone walks in front of the unit, your message will play. Remind yourself of important appointments. Remind yourself not to forget your keys or to turn off the stove before you leave. Best yet, you can record whatever message you like to amuse your friends and family. You can also choose either its alarm function to use it as security device OR switch to its handy chime function and place it near a door to announce someone's arrival. The Motion Memo is fun, fresh and functional.

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  Motion Memo
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Product Features:
  • Record your own voice message
  • Motion triggered playback
  • Chime/Alarm switch for use as a security device
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