Digital Auto Notepad  ID-501

The Digital Auto Notepad is designed to keep track of important thoughts and ideas while on the road. Its quality, sound enhanced digital recorder is second to none.

Use the Digital Auto Notepad to jot down your thoughts for that big meeting you have in the morning. Maybe you want to remind yourself about that dentist appointment next week. Or maybe you just want to remind yourself to pick up a few things from the grocery store on your way home. The Digital Auto Notepad is sure to come in handy and make your driving time more productive. Best of all, you will hardly believe the crystal clear, digital sound quality coming from a device that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
The Digital Auto Notepad has 3 files, each with 10 seconds of recording time. Mount the included holder to your dash and you'll have it at the ready when needed. With its enhanced digital quality sound combined with its three 10 second recording files, we guarantee you'll love the Digital Auto Notepad.
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Product Features:
  • Digital enhanced sound quality
  • 3 separate 10-second files for recording and playback
  • Easy to use
  • Includes dash mount
  • Lightweight and portable
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