Digital Kitchen Notepad w/Timer ID-500

Stop scribbling down those grocery lists and reminder notes. The Digital Kitchen Notepad is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Use the Digital Kitchen Notepad for compiling your grocery list. Use it for leaving a message to your spouse. Use it to jot down that recipe you just read about. Record a reminder to yourself not to forget that big appointment. The possibilities are endless. Get rid of that kitchen clutter and get organized. The Digital Kitchen Notepad comes with 2 separate recording buttons and a handy red light that blinks to let you know when someone has left you a message. Use its stand for the counter or its magnet to attach it to the refrigerator. It even includes a handy timer to help out with all your cooking needs. No kitchen should be without the Digital Kitchen Notepad

Digital Kitchen NotePad
  Digital Auto NotePad
  Motion Memo
  Pet finder
  Shake-n-Wake zZZ
  Cookie Press
  Auto Emergency Light
Product Features:
  • 2 separate record functions
  • Includes timer function
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Stylish design adds to any kitchen décor
  • Include both magnet and stand
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